• Ningguang is a great option for players looking for a Geo DPS catalyst user
  • She works best against single targets due to how her attacks work
  • Ningguang can use Noblesse Oblige, Archaic Petra and Retracing Bolide to great effect

Ningguang is a strong burst-oriented DPS character that can also be built as a decent support with tons of damage and elemental particle generation. She can deal very high single-target damage with decent AoE damage against clustered enemies with her C1 bonus.

With the right combination of weapons and artifacts, players will be able to shatter even the toughest of enemies using Ningguang’s sheer damage potential. She’s very simple to use and doesn’t require any elemental reactions to achieve optimal damage levels, unlike other characters. Best of all, she’s completely viable even at C0.

Here are some of Ningguang’s best builds and some tips on how to use her effectively.

Ningguang’s Playstyle

Ningguang relies heavily on her Charged Attacks to deal heavy damage. Her Normal Attacks lets her build up Star Jades that will launch whenever she uses a Charged Attack. Ningguang can have up to three Jades stacked up (four when at C6).

Ningguang's Elemental Burst is best used against single targets - Genshin Impact
Ningguang's Elemental Burst is best used against single targets Genshin Impact

Her Elemental Skill, Jade Screen, is great for blocking enemy ranged attacks and can also deal significant damage thanks to its high damage scaling. Once Ningguang unlocks the Strategic Reserve ability, her Screen will also grant bonus Geo damage to anyone who passes through.

Ningguang’s Burst, Starshatter, unleashes homing Star Jades that will hit enemies for tons of damage. More Jades will be launched when a Jade Screen is nearby.

Best Ningguang Builds

For a pure DPS Ningguang, a combination of Nobless Oblige and Archaic Petra is the most ideal artifact build, boosting both her Geo DMG and Elemental Burst DMG. A four-piece build of either set can also work well, with Noblesse being more suited for a support role while Petra is better for DPS.

Retracing Bolide can also work very well with Ningguang since her attacks deal Geo damage. As long as players trigger Crystallize, she’ll be able to make the most use out of Bolide’s four-piece passive, significantly buffing her Charged Attack damage.

Best Weapons For Ningguang

The Memory of Dust catalyst synergizes very well with Ningguang due to her natural tendency to create Crystallize shields and it will make Retracing Bolide a very appealing option. However, this is a five-star weapon; many players may have trouble acquiring it.

The Widsith and the Solar Pearl are good four-star alternatives. Ningguang can make use of two-thirds of The Widsith’s passives, while the Solar Pearl can be used to buff her Normal Attack and Elemental Burst damage. But take note that the Solar Pearl won’t buff her Charged Attack damage.