• "Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 is now live
  • The new patch introduced a plethora of new activities and contents
  • The much-awaited Housing System is now available in "Genshin Impact"

The Housing System is the most prominent feature of "Genshin Impact" update 1.5 aside from the usual new playable characters. It is also one of the in-game mechanics fans requested even before the game was released. Players looking for tips and tricks on how to understand the functions of the Serenitea Pot and the new Housing System further could find this guide handy.

What Is The Serenitea Pot

The Serenitea Pot is a new gadget introduced in "Genshin Impact" Update 1.5. It is the gateway that enables players to create their homes, build furniture, customize the exterior and interior, and earn bonus rewards for finishing challenges. This new mechanic also allows players to make Trust Rank. The more players work on their Serenitea Pot, the faster their Trust Rank grows. Aside from customizing the house, "Genshin Impact" players can also add animals to this new realm.

Character Demo - "Zhongli: The Listener" | Genshin Impact After the end of "The Annals of Liyue", a member of the audience stands before a painted screen of mountains and rivers, as if expecting to hear echoes from the past. Photo: Genshin Impact Official You Tube Channel

How To Unlock, Enter And Leave The Serenitea Pot

"Gethin Impact" players need to meet a few requirements to access the new Serenitea Pot. First, they must be at least at Adventure Rank 35 or higher. It is also crucial that players complete Chapter I: Act III: A New Star Approaches Main Story Quest.

Players can then access the new quest titled "A Teapot To Call Home." To get their own Serenitea Pot, players simply need to follow the instructions. The gadget menu offers players three types of biomes or realms that they could choose from.

To access the Serenitea Pot, players need to go to the Inventory and look for the Gadget menu. From there, players can summon the new gadget. They just need to interact with it to enter and interact again if they want to leave.

Inside the Serenitea Pot, "Genshin Impact" players can choose among three layouts or biomes. There is the Cool Isle, which is an island cluster surrounded by water. Players can also get into the Emerald Peak, a mountain peak, or in the Floating Abode, an island cluster hovering in the air.

Tubby, The Helper Players Need

Players will also meet the dependable NPC named Tubby. The Teapot Spirit serves as a helper in the realm. It handles players' tasks inside the Serenitea Pot.