• "Genshin Impact" Update 1.5 is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday
  • The game's native PS5 port will also launche on the same day
  • MiHoYo has not yet announced when it will release the game on Nintendo Switch

A fresh "Genshin Impact" leak reveals some interesting details about the first Inazuma five-star Anemo playable character that might be introduced in the game.

The latest set of details about the five-star Anemo "Genshin Impact" character comes from various industry insiders. Apparently, the upcoming character, Kiryu Kazuha, is the first-ever five-star Inazuma Anemo character to launch in the game. He supports the party by combining Anemo with other elements. Kazuha reportedly deals damage by gathering enemies together, Zluet tweeted.

Wangsheng Funeral parlor also shared some important details about Kazuha's Elemental Skill and Constellations. His attacks seem similar to Sucrose, a four-star Anemo character. Kazuha's Elemental Skill pulls enemies within an AoE before he launches and deals Anemo DMG. His attacks strategically position him for potent plunge attacks like that of Xiao.

Aside from his Elemental Skill, his weapon was also leaked online. Kazuha is a sword wielder and the game will reportedly launch the Boreas Precocity along with his release. It is a five-star sword, which allows stacks and features a secondary stat of Elemental Mastery. Industry insider AeEntropy shared that Freedom-Sworn will be the upcoming Anime-character's sword of choice. "+10% DMG, gains stacks on Elemental Reactions. Consumes 2 stacks to give [the] party 16% Normal/Charge/Plunge Attack DMG and 20% Attack for 12s," the insider revealed.

Kazuha is reportedly the first "Genshin Impact" character to use the Gilded Scale boss material. It is speculated that the item will be a Talent Level-Up Material that miHoYo might introduce in version 1.5. Kazuha is believed to arrive in update 1.6. "Genshin Impact." Update 1.5 is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, which means the next content would launch on June 9.

These details about Kazuha are not official and they could still change when the character officially launches in the game.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOs and Android devices. The game is also launching on PS5 on Wednesday.

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