• Yun Jin is an excellent choice for auto attack-reliant team compositions
  • She works very well in a Pyro/Geo team
  • Yun Jin's low base damage values are compensated for by her buffs and defensive abilities

Patch 2.4 added Yun Jin to “Genshin Impact” as the latest member of the Geo roster with an incredibly potent offensive support ability and a strong defensive tool to boot.

It’s been roughly one week since Yun Jin was released, and players have already found some amazing synergies that bring out the best in her kit. Here’s a quick guide to using Yun Jin effectively and choosing her best weapons, artifacts and team combos.

How To Use Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a support character specializing in buffing teammates and negating incoming bursts of damage. For the most part, she’ll be used for her Elemental Burst, Cliffbreaker’s Banner, to increase the damage dealt by the Normal Attacks of party members, but she’s also useful for parrying big, telegraphed hits.

Both of Yun Jin’s abilities scale off DEF, so it’s best to invest in this stat to gain the most benefit out of her buff and shield.

Yun Jin is able to buff her team's damage output using her Elemental Burst
Yun Jin is able to buff her team's damage output using her Elemental Burst miHoYo

Best Yun Jin Artifacts

The Husk of Opulent Dreams set works well with Yun Jin’s kit since she doesn’t spend much time on the field. This will increase her DEF and give her a bump in Geo damage, increasing her effectiveness overall. However, a two-piece Husk and two-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set can significantly increase the uptime on Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst by giving her some free Energy Recharge.

She can also hold a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set quite well, giving her Elemental Burst an extra damage buff for the team.

Recommended Weapons

Weapons with Energy Recharge are great for Yun Jin since her Burst costs 80 energy to activate. The Favonius Lance works very well with her thanks to the extra particle generation and flat ER buff. This weapon is also accessible through the standard gacha, making it great for all players.

Team Compositions

Characters that utilize Normal or Charged Attacks can benefit from Yun Jin. Eula, Ittou, Razor, Yoimiya and Fischl are prime examples.

Players should consider getting a dedicated shielder or healer who can generate elemental particles for Yun Jin, so she can use her ultimate ability off-cooldown. Diona is a great candidate for this since she can provide healing and shields, but other characters should also suffice.