• Sara is better at buffing snapshot skills or strong one-shot abilities
  • She can deal good burst damage on top of providing buffs and energy
  • Sara can be a decent Noblesse user for certain team comps

The general of the Tenryou Commission is a top-tier support character who can provide a potent damage buff to party members while also generating generous amounts of elemental energy in “Genshin Impact.” However, her way of buffing is a little niche, which means she shines best in very specific team comps while equipped with the right items and artifacts.

Sara can technically be used like any other offensive buff support, but the little nuances of her kit can be exploited so that players can get the most out of her utility. Here’s a quick guide on how Sara works and how she can be best used in “Genshin Impact.”

How to use Kujou Sara

Sara’s main buff comes from her Elemental Skill, which causes her next charged shot to leave a Crowfeather that buffs all active characters in its AoE. This effect lasts only for 6 seconds, which is very limited for a damage buff.

To make the most of the Crowfeather’s buff, use characters with snapshotting abilities like Beidou’s Stormbreaker or Xingqiu’s Raincutter. These abilities will still carry the Crowfeather buff even after the effect expires or if the player leaves the AoE.

Kujou Sara bombards her enemies with lightning while bolstering the attack prowess of her allies
Kujou Sara bombards her enemies with lightning while bolstering the attack prowess of her allies miHoYo

Strong one-shot abilities like the Raiden Shogun’s Musou Shinsetsu and Diluc’s Dawn will still get plenty of value outside of the Crowfeather’s duration as most enemies will likely be dead before the buff expires.

Keep in mind that Sara’s Elemental Burst can effectively extend the duration of the Crowfeather effect by providing the same buff to active characters. Use her Burst whenever possible for the extra buff duration, AoE Electro damage and particle generation.

Weapons and Artifacts

For a pure support build, use either the Sacrificial Bow or Favonius Warbow to maximize Sara’s skill uptime or particle generation respectively. Alternatively, players who want to increase Sara’s damage can opt for the Stringless, Amos’ Bow or Skyward Harp.

As for artifacts, Sara can make great use of the Noblesse Oblige set to further boost her buff’s potency. Otherwise, a four-piece Thundering Fury set can help maximize her Elemental Burst’s availability while a two-and-two combination of both can boost her damage output significantly.

Players can get away with almost any combination of offensive artifact stats for Sara. However, using an ATK% circlet is better than CRIT for those who want to maximize her buff’s effectiveness.