• Kokomi excels at AoE healing and Hydro application
  • She can be built to deal surprising amounts of damage with her basic attacks
  • She works best with teams that make heavy use of Hydro reactions

Despite her controversial launch, “Genshin Impact’s” Sangonomiya Kokomi has quickly grown into a fan-favorite Hydro healer who fits extremely well into many meta team comps.

As a dedicated healer character, many players might think that Kokomi isn’t worth using over any of the other hybrid healers in the game. However, with the proper build and team setups, Kokomi can easily prove her worth as a 5-star unit even against the hardest content that “Genshin Impact” has to offer.

Here’s a short guide on how to use Kokomi as well as some of her best team and item synergies.

How to play Kokomi

Kokomi is designed to be an off-field support character who can heal allies while passively damaging enemies with her Elemental Skill, which leaves a Hydro Jellyfish that emits a healing/damaging aura in a relatively big area.

This jellyfish deals constant Hydro damage over its duration, which makes it function somewhat like Fischl’s Oz. Due to this, Kokomi is a top candidate for applying Hydro to all enemies in an area for Melt, Vaporize, Electro-Charge or Swirl teams.

Her Elemental Burst, Nereid’s Ascension, deals Hydro damage to all nearby enemies and increases Kokomi’s max HP, which will also increase her damage across the board thanks to her HP damage scales. While her ultimate is active, Kokomi’s Normal and Charged Attacks will heal allies.

Best Kokomi Artifacts and Weapons

The Ocean-Hued Clam set synergizes extremely well with Kokomi’s kit. Her constant healing effects will continuously charge the artifact set’s passive, which will let Kokomi deal tons of damage even while off the field.

Kokomi is a potent healer and damage dealer when built properly
Kokomi is a potent healer and damage dealer when built properly miHoYo

Stacking HP is the best way to go as both her healing and DPS go up according to her maximum health. Elemental Mastery makes for a good secondary stat to increase her damage as she combos with other characters.

As for weapons, the Everlasting Moonglow is her best option as it increases both damage output and HP while providing a bit of Energy Recharge. Alternatively, Thrilling Tales makes for a great substitute for those who want her as a dedicated support character.

Team Compositions

Kokomi is a part of the fan-dubbed “Sukokomon” team comp, which consists of Sucrose, Kokomi, Fischl and Xiangling. This is arguably the best Swirl team in the game if all characters are built properly.

Since she’s primarily a healer, Kokomi can fit in literally any team. However, parties that make use of either Freeze or Electro-Charge reactions are typically better for Kokomi as players get more value out of her Hydro procs.