George Zimmerman’s trial cost the city of Sanford, Fla., about $670,364, said Cynthia Lindsay, the City of Sanford's finance director, in an email. His defense would have cost taxpayers another $1 million in legal fees if Mark O’Mara and Don West hadn't taken the case, the two lawyers estimated.

O’Mara and West needed about $500,000 just to take on the case, not including a cent in payment for themselves, O’Mara said in an interview with CNN, and they were able to raise most of that.

Appearing Monday on the daytime talk show The View, O'Mara said he hopes Zimmerman will “have the money to pay us someday."

O’Mara and West set up a website last summer titled George Zimmerman Defense Fund to accept donations and raised almost the full $500,000 by the July 10 start of the closely watched trial, which ended in Zimmerman's acquittal Saturday.

Here’s what that $500,000 was spent on:

The Cost Of Zimmerman's Defense
George Zimmerman’s defense cost $500,000 and that’s not including lawyer’s fees. Here’s a breakdown of how he got the cash and how it was spent. Lisa Mahapatra