Know a wine lover? Whether you're already planning ahead for the holiday season, have a special occasion coming up, or simply want to surprise someone who loves wine; these x gifts are the perfect options if you want to go beyond a mere bottle of wine for a change.

Personalized Wine Baskets

Pretty gift baskets for any budget and any occasion. (Photo: is the perfect website to shop at if you want to personalize a gift basket for a wine lover. They've got gift baskets for any budget with options under $75, as well as for any occasion - from birthdays to congratulatory gifts to thank you gifts.

They also have corporate gifts in case you want to send out gift baskets to a bigger group of people. Additionally, you can check out their list of bestsellers to find gifts you simply cannot go wrong with.

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Wine Club Subscription

Order a wine subscription. (Photo: Firstleaf)

Why give a single bottle of wine as a gift when you can give an entire subscription? Firstleaf is one of the top wine clubs in America and what we love the most about them is that they personalize the wine bottles that they send depending on the customer's taste. Simply answer a few questions to help them shape your loved one's custom taste profile and you can get wines that they are sure to love delivered to their doorstep in just a few days. You can even schedule a consultation with one of their wine experts if you'd like.

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Custom Built Wine Rack

Choose from different colors and finishes. (Photo: KingsBottle)

Wine racks are great - and KingsBottle has those, too. However, if you really want to impress your spouse, a custom-built wine rack would be an even better choice. KingsBottle offers custom-built wine racks that will suit any space. You can choose the color and the finish to ensure that it fits your home perfectly and houses just the right amount of bottles for the wine lover in your household.

They also have modular wine racks, sloped wine racks, compact wine cubes, lattice wine cubes, and curved corner wine cubes depending on your home needs.

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Wine Cooler

You could get a wine cooler, too. (Photo: KingsBottle)

Got space under your counter? Why not surprise your spouse with a wine cooler? Whether you want one under the counter or a full upright wine fridge, KingsBottle has various options available for that, too. After all, who doesn't want a cold bottle of wine to end a hectic day?

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