Gmail users — all 200 million of them — are extremely passionate about the user interface, storage and ease-of-use of Google's beloved emailing system. That's why there was an initial backlash against Google Buzz, so much so that the company was forced to close the service down.

Now, Google's popular emailing system is about to undergo the most significant changes since its initial launch. The changes appear to drastically affect the UI and usability. Behold: The Gmail Redesign.

Video footage of the new emailing system was leaked on YouTube before being pulled down, but, of course, it was far too late for Google to retract their mistake, and news of the Gmail redesign became widespread.

Jason Cornwell, a user experience designer for Gmail, announces the new look of Gmail in the video and explains all of the new features.

New features include the ability of Gmail to adapt to any screen size. This helps the overall presentation of Gmail, regardless of the window size. Previews and dates are easily viewable, even if a browser window is shaped to just half the screen vertically or horizontally.

Messages have also been modified to look more like conversations. This mimics the updates shown at Web 2.0, which addressed changes coming to the Gmail application on Android phones.

The left sidebar will be more customizable than ever, too. Chat and labels can be resized depending one which you'd prefer to see more of. In addition to the left sidebar, the body of Gmail -- where the messages are shown and previewed -- can be modified in several ways to give each message more room or to consolidate space.