• "God of War: Ragnarok" is still set to release sometime in 2022
  • Cory Barlog promised to share what the team has whenever it is ready
  • The game will launch on PlayStation 4 and PS5

The "God of War" game series is celebrating its fourth anniversary, and what better way to treat fans than to provide a development update on the highly anticipated title "God of War: Ragnarok" coming directly from Cory Barlog, Santa Monica Studio's creative director.

Since it is the game series' anniversary, fans anticipate that the team behind the hit franchise has a meaty update about the upcoming title "God of War: Ragnarok." Unfortunately, it has none. However, Barlog, who has now taken on a producer role for the game, surprised fans with a short video that contains a message and an update on its development status.

The creative director teased fans in the clip by saying "something cool is coming" for "God of War: Ragnarok." Barlog also expressed his gratefulness for the community for the "love and support" the team has received, noting that if it weren't for their support, they "would not be able to continue making games."

"It is your support that allows us to keep doing the things that we love to do," Barlog added.

God of War Ragnarok continues the story of Kratos and Atreus up in a new story featuring the end of the Norse pantheon
God of War Ragnarok continues the story of Kratos and Atreus up in a new story featuring the end of the Norse pantheon Sony Interactive Entertainment

He also described the upcoming game as "the elephant in the room," admitting that the team "haven't said a lot about this." Barlog then explained that it's "because everybody is heads-down, hard at work."

"We are perfectionists. Everyone's tightening up the graphics on level three, there is so much going on right now that I just wish that we could share with you, but it's just not ready to be shown," Balrog said further.

Without giving away any specifics about the game or its release date, which fans have long been aching to hear, Barlog promised that they are going to let fans know as soon as they have something they can share.

"The moment, the very second that we have something that we're ready to share, we're going to share it, because we don't want to hold any of this back. So please hold tight, know that something cool is coming and that we — everybody here at Santa Monica — is so incredibly thankful for all the support you've given us," he said.

Very little is known about "God of War: Ragnarok." And while fans are worried that its release would be pushed again, Sony said in January that the game is still on track for its expected release sometime this year.

"God of War: Ragnarok" will launch on PlayStation 4 and PS5.