Michael Kmetz and Jake Swaney
Michael Kmetz and Jake Swaney

Knowledge always controlled access to opportunity and advancement. The more a person knows, the higher their chance of success, especially in today's world. The power of knowledge is so tremendous that it can even trump colossal inheritance, which makes it the best and most sought-after superpower.

Michael Kmetz and Jake Swaney are the perfect examples of how the proper knowledge and dedication can build a multi-million dollar business from scratch. Neither had access to family money or substantial investment funds, but they had an idea and heart to pour into their venture. Their first business was buying and selling oil-rich land in West Texas, a company born in a bar over a few drinks.

But they had no intention to stop there and decided to capitalize on their initial success. So, Kmetz and Swaney founded DH Capital and aggressively expanded into the real estate industry, focusing mainly on commercial and multifamily real estate. The second venture was a huge hit, as DH Capital soon grew into a multi-million dollar company. As Michael Kmetz explains, the purpose of DH Capital is to offer support to all people who are serious about leveling up through strategic real estate partnerships and, eventually, investments.

"The goal of DH Capital is to escape the 9-5 grind for something more flexible and rewarding. On the same token, it is also for aggressive, lean real estate groups who need the extra boost to clear basic capital constraints," says Kmetz. "We see ourselves partnering with accredited investors and other like-minded groups depending on the specific offering. We want this win-win for our partners and the organization."

As a part of that strategy, Michael Kmetz and Jake Swaney created a seminar program for future real estate entrepreneurs that should roll out in the fall of 2022. Swaney explains that he always wanted to become a mentor as he believes his success would have come a hundred times quicker if he had someone to show him how to avoid pitfalls and go straight for success.

"Mentorship was something that we missed and only wished we had. Starting a new venture is hard and can be unforgiving," says Jake Swaney. And Kmetz chimes in, "You are forced to use parts of your skill set that you didn't know existed, and in turn, you grow exponentially as a person. But it becomes easier if you have somebody to show you what to do and what to avoid."

Jake Swaney explains that their upcoming real estate seminars provide all the information people need to start doing what they are doing – being highly successful real estate investors. "These seminars held all over the US serve one purpose. We want to provide all the information people need to start doing what we're doing," says Swaney. "We also want to explain simplistically what a person needs to do to leverage the market in their favor successfully. On top of that, top learners will get an opportunity to partner with us and extend their success."

And the real estate industry is still booming in the United States, despite the recent signs of a slowdown. Higher buyer demand, shifting economics, and remote work offer a low-entry opportunity to achieve massive success for everyone and anyone. According to a recent Aceable's "Real Estate Job Growth" survey, over 90% of currently listed real estate agents say there is no better time to start a career in real estate than now. On top of that, around 70% said they expect to earn the same or more money than the previous year.

Jake Swaney and Michael Kmetz agree, but they add that it's always time to change your life for the better, and waiting for the perfect moment is just a waste of time. The only plausible strategy is to start learning and carve the way to success with the help of knowledge, persistence, and dedication.

"Those who want success shouldn't wait for the perfect opportunity as it will never come. It would be best if you took the matter into your hands as you are the only one who can control your destiny," adds Kmetz. "People need to stop believing that something is unattainable. There are no limits to being an entrepreneur because the whole world is your buffet. When you free your mind from limits, it lights a fire under you that creates massive action. And massive action over time creates tremendous results."