Diehard fans of Google will have to wait if they are planning to own a Chrome OS run tablet PC. At the Computex PC show in Taipei on Tuesday, Google announced its plans to stick to Notebook computers for Chrome OS while mobile devices and tablets will be in queue for some time. Speculation regarding merging of Chrome OS with Android has also been put to rest.

Chrome OS, marketed as web-centric, directs users to spreadsheets and other computer based applications directly from the web without the help of software installed in the PC. The success of the strategy depends on how Google will place the product in an almost saturated OS market where the users get more comfortable with whatever OS they currently use.

Chrome OS-installed Samsung and Acer Chromebooks will hit the market in June which will put the current market players Microsoft and Apple in direct competition with Google. Surely, it will take time before Google can develop the software and strategy required to launch a full-fledged OS to collide head-on with its rivals.

Also, Chrome OS-run desktops from Google are also expected to arrive by July. Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system, is expected to arouse the curiosity of Open Source Software advocates whose interests haven't been taken care of by Microsoft or Apple Operating Systems.