Google is preparing the Chromecast software for an international release throughout the UK. Although the company has not yet announced the international Chromecast release date, many stores throughout the UK have received stock of the product.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will launch the Chromecast throughout the UK on Wednesday, March 19. An anonymous employee sent a photo of an internal company message to mobile blog AndroidPolice, confirming the UK release date.

Google has not announced what other countries it intends to offer the Chromecast in following the UK release. Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome at Google, had announced earlier this month at SXSW that the Chromecast would have an international release within “weeks.” An update to the Chromecast's firmware shows support for several languages, hinting at a worldwide launch for the low-cost streaming dongle.

Chromecast Release Date International UK Google Apps Sales Google says it will release the Chromecast internationally within "weeks" and that it has sold "millions" of the device. Photo: Thomas Halleck / International Business Times

Google released the Chromecast SDK, or software development kit, on Feb. 3 to allow programmers to create apps for the dongle. Google says more than 3,000 developers have signed up, with Chromecast apps like HBO Go, Hulu Plus and Pandora Internet Radio (NYSE:P) available.

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Plex, the popular media player and server software, recently made support for the Chromecast free, allowing both Android and iPhone users to stream content from their libraries onto their televisions using the dongle. The Chromecast feature had previously required the purchase of a Plex Pass for $3.99 per month. Plex allows users to organize media – including video, audio and photos – across local devices and cloud storage, and access it remotely. Use of the feature requires Chromecast owners to also purchase the Plex app.

Google has not announced a UK release date for the Chromecast, and likely will not until the streaming stick is available on shelves. When it unveiled the Chromecast at its 2013 developer’s conference, Google made it immediately available at its Play Store and Amazon for $35 along with three free months of Netflix. The dongle sold out within 48 hours, and the Netflix offer was rescinded due to “overwhelming demand.”

The leaked memo did not reveal what the price of the Chromecast would be in the UK. Google sells the Chromecast for $35 in its Play Store, and Amazon sometimes offers a $5 discount for members of its Prime Student program.

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