Google announced its latest smartphone products, the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, during the company’s major hardware launch event. The new devices bring a number of new exciting features and some major improvements. More importantly, it provides the tech company a new tool to compete with Apple’s latest iPhone lines.

The new Google Pixel 4 smartphone brings a dual-camera set-up, the Soli-powered gesture recognition technology, new face unlock technology, an improved AI assistant and a 90Hz display rate for ultra-smooth scrolling and responsiveness.

In addition, the tech giant is also adding a new voice recorder app that can transcribe automatically and very quickly using Google’s speech recognition technology. This new voice recorder app can transcribed recordings and speech in real-time even without an internet connection.

Google Pixel 4 Google Pixel 4 Photo: madebygoogle/YouTubeScreenshot

But, while there’s plenty of exciting cool stuff added on the new Google Pixel 4 handset, the tech giant has also taken away an incredibly useful feature from the latest flagship smartphone. The company confirmed that Pixel 4 owners won’t get the same Google Photo storage and feature as Pixel 3 smartphone owners. This missing feature could provide Pixel 4 owners an unlimited full-resolution photo and video storage and a powerful image compressing technology.

Earlier this year, the company announced plans to remove the ability to upload high-resolution images with its more affordable Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphone lines. Many have assumed that the latest decision was just part of the company’s cost-cutting measure that's being implemented for the Pixel 3a smartphone lines. But, a new report from Daily Express said that it's now part of the new policy for product lines.

Google also confirmed that the new smartphones, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, will not support the company’s Daydream VR technology. The tech giant has announced this week that it’s shutting down the Daydream VR experiment due to the lack of interest from both the developer’s community and consumer world. However, the Daydream app and store will continue to work for people with other Pixel devices. However, the company will no longer sell Daydream VR headsets, the Engadget reported.

There's also some big news coming from the horizon. The tech giant confirmed this week that the company’s upcoming Stadia cloud gaming service will support the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone. The Google Stadia will be launched on November 19, The Verge reported.