• An eBay listing reveals a few things about Google's upcoming midrange Pixel 4a
  • The device is expected to feature better specs compared to its predecessor
  • The Pixel 4a is coming soon

Fans of Google's Pixel 3a handset are looking forward to the release of its successor, the Pixel 4a handset. This device will come as a cheaper alternative to the flagship Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL, but despite the cheaper price tag it can be expected to feature some of the things that the pricier devices have.

A new report reveals a few interesting things about the upcoming handset. According to 9To5Google, an eBay listing from a seller based in Shenzhen, China for a “Google pixel 4a XL Replacement New Battery Back Cover Door” reveals a few things.

  • First, based on the item's details, it appears that Google considered releasing a bigger Pixel 4a XL handset that could've featured a better camera setup compared to the smaller Pixel 4a.
  • Second, based on markings found on the item, it appears that the Pixel 4a XL could've been a more premium device compared to the Pixel 4a, but was scrapped later in development.

What's clear, based on the report, is that there's no 4a XL handset, Forbes noted. Google is focused on releasing just one midrange device, the Pixel 4a. What will the upcoming device offer buyers?


The Google Pixel 4a is a device that will have a 5.81-inch display and a plastic unibody that curves at the edges. It will have an OLED FHD+ display just like its predecessor, but the display will have higher 2,340 x 1,080 resolution. A hole punch can be found at the top left side of the screen for the selfie camera.

Inner specs

The handset is believed to have the Snapdragon 730 chipset, which has six cores operating at 1.8GHz and two cores operating at 2.2 GHz. It has an Adreno 618 GPU. This chipset is backed by 6GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage. The SoC indicates that it won't have support for 5G. The device will come with Google's Titan M security chip, but will not feature the Pixel Neural Core.


The Pixel 4a will have a 12.2MP primary lens with autofocus and OIS/EIS features. In front is an 8MP front-facing camera with wide 84-degree field of view, which will be useful for those selfies. 9To5Google's sources said it offers the same video recording specs as that of the Pixel 4, only using inferior cameras.

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