A lot of Google Pixel and Pixel XL users are now reporting a problem with their handsets’ speakers. According to them, their smartphone speakers appear to have some sort of static distortion when the volume is set at high levels.

The first report of this issue came from a user named “badmark”  (Mark Buckman) on Reddit. However, a similar issue was actually brought up back in October, as pointed out by Mashable. He claims that four of his Pixel XLs and his wife’s own Pixel all have the same static distortion issue.

Buckman claims that the crackling and popping sounds would come out when a device is at the highest three levels of volume. The user says that he has already received his fifth replacement unit, but it still comes with the similar audio problem.

To prove it, he also shot a video and published it on YouTube, so that users can hear exactly what it sounds like. Buckman’s thread on Reddit has now been flooded with other people claiming that they’re Pixel and Pixel XL handsets are suffering the same issue. Buckman also set up a StrawPoll.me poll to see how many people are affected by this, and it looks like Google may have a severe issue to deal with.

As of writing,  the poll has a total of 449 votes, 66 per cent of which said their Pixel and Pixel XL handsets are suffering from the same problem. Google has not publicly addressed this yet, and the company might simply roll out a software update to fix it. However, it’s possible that this is a hardware-related problem, as pointed out by Android Authority.

Users who think they have the same issue on their handsets are advised to reboot their devices in safe mode by holding down on the power button to make sure that it’s not being caused by an app. If the static distortion problem is still there even in safe mode, users should contact Google.