Google Plus is getting a facelift. The social network that's been heavily pushed by Google is taking another page from Facebook: Google Plus will include a large panoramic picture at the top of each profile in addition to a feature-heavy sidebar. The updates have been demonstrated in a series of YouTube videos, all of which can be found at the bottom of this article.

One of the new elements on the updated Google Plus profile is a left-hand sidebar, referred to as a dynamic ribbon of application on the left in the official announcement, that will allow users to drag apps developed for the social network (such as Photos) wherever they'd prefer within the sidebar. When a user hover overs an app in the sidebar, they'll have a set of quick actions to choose from.

The updated Google Plus will also feature full-bleed photos and videos, giving you more viewing space for all of the media. As always, Google emphasizes sharing through organized groups of friends called Circles. For more info, check out the collection of videos that Google has posted on its intro page to Google Plus.