Number crunchers and math buffs can now enjoy a newer version of Internet search engine Google that can solve mathematical puzzle Sudoku.

Google Goggles, a newly updated mobile phone app will help solve Sudoku mathematical puzzles, however, difficult it might be.

The new app Goggles, which is available on Apple’s iPhone and all Google Android phones, uses a phone’s camera to capture a picture of any Sudoku puzzle and then sends it back to Google.

The puzzles are computed and solved by the servers at Google and the image is sent back to the user.

When you finally solve a real mind-bender, it brings a rush of achievement. I hope Google's new tool won't diminish that feeling, the Telegraph quoted Phil McNeill, puzzles editor at the Daily Telegraph as saying, while describing the move as a “sad day” for puzzle fans.

Google Goggles’ main function is for price comparison information and web search.