Every business should have its business line. Not only does a business number separate work-related calls and messages from personal ones, it also has a more professional feel. A business line can show your customers that you’re a serious company.

Grasshopper virtual phone will provide you with a custom business line using the same phone and service provider that you already have. 

What is the Grasshopper phone app?

The Grasshopper virtual phone system provides you with a business number and everything you need for a fully operational business line. It offers a lot of features and customizable options so you can better focus on your business.

Grasshopper Grasshopper virtual phone system Photo: grasshopper.com

How does Grasshopper work?

1. Pick a business number

Grasshopper lets you choose between its selection of toll-free numbers, your vanity number or the option to port your number if you prefer your existing one. Choose among the plans offered to see which suits your business best.

2. Download the app

Download the Grasshopper app on either or both your desktop and phone to access it wherever you are. It is available on desktop, iOS and Android.

3. Set up the Grasshopper app

Choose your preferred settings on mobile and desktop to fully customize your business line and its virtual phone features. Grasshopper’s 24/7 support is available whenever you need help.

4. Start making and receiving calls and messages

You can make and receive all your calls and messages or only as needed to help boost your business while keeping your private matters separate.

Grasshopper gives you a business phone number Grasshopper gives you a business phone number. Photo: grasshopper.com

Grasshopper Features

Apart from a business line, Grasshopper's virtual phone features offer a lot of interesting benefits.

  • Desktop and Mobile Apps

Instead of being tied down to a landline number in your office all day, with the Grasshopper app, you can take your business calls and receive messages wherever. Access your virtual phone in your office, at home or on the go with the mobile app. The desktop app lets you use your internet connection to make and receive calls and messages, check voicemails and call history.

  • SMS for Business

Get unlimited texting for business so you can send and receive messages as needed on your business number rather than on your personal number. With it, you can update and reply to clients and prospects and even confirm appointments.        

  • Call Forwarding

Use your phone to answer calls with your business number wherever you are with the call forwarding feature. It redirects all your calls to your business number. You can send a call straight to voicemail, your home number or another number -- in this case, your business line.

  • VoIP and WiFi Calling

VoIP or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol makes use of the internet to make calls. This is an alternative to calls made using cellular networks and traditional phone lines. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go, sending messages and making calls from anywhere without worrying about poor reception.

  • Virtual Voicemail

Access your messages online or through the Grasshopper app. As everything's through the cloud, even faulty reception from a traditional phone line won’t hinder you from making your calls or even checking them. Voicemail recordings are saved as MP3 files so you can easily check and keep track of your messages whenever you need to. 

Grasshopper virtual phone customer service is very helpful. You get help whenever you need it through its dedicated customer support system. A chatbot helps you with your queries and redirects you to helpful links and articles on the Grasshopper website. If that's not enough, you can always reach a support agent to help you with your concerns. 

Grasshopper reviews from small business owners Grasshopper reviews from small business owners Photo: grasshopper.com

Grasshopper Reviews

Small business owners are satisfied with Grasshopper’s virtual phone system and all of its helpful features. Healthcare providers can connect with their patients, franchise owners can run their businesses smoothly, real estate agents can make and receive calls and messages on the go, consultants and service providers can update their clients instantly. 

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper has three pricing plans: Solo, Partner and Small Business. For $29/month, the Solo Plan includes one phone number and three extensions. For $49/month, the Partner Plan includes three phone numbers and six extensions. For $89/month, the Small Business Plan includes five phone numbers and unlimited extensions. 

Grasshopper pricing plans Grasshopper pricing plans Photo: grasshopper.com

All Grasshopper pricing plans include mobile and desktop apps, business phone number/s and extensions, business texting, call forwarding, VoIP and WiFi calling, voicemail, instant response, custom greetings, simultaneous call handling, incoming call control and reporting.