Downton Abbey
Guccifer hacked Julian Fellowes and obtained the script for the season finale of "Downton Abbey." ITV Screenshot

Guccifer, the hacker who previously gained access to Colin Powell and the Bush Family’s email accounts, has released a trove of documents to the Smoking Gun covering his latest exploits. The hacker provided the documents as an insurance policy “just in case I am busted.” The new details do not shed any new light on Guccifer’s motivations or how he chooses his targets.

In the latest release to the Smoking Gun, Guccifer reveals he has hacked into accounts owned by Julian Fellowes, “Downton Abbey” series creator, Steve Martin, former “The Daily Beast” editor Tina Brown, Mariel Hemmingway and Steve Kandarian, the CEO of Metlife. The hacker has also obtained the cell phone numbers for Robert Redford and email addresses of Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman. The Smoking Gun notes Guccifer was able to obtain a copy of the script for the season finale of “Downton Abbey,” six months before it aired in the UK.

The info dump comes amid fears of being caught as Guccifer has caught the attention of federal authorities, notes TSG. Guccifer has previously hacked into the personal accounts of several politicians as well as Sidney Blumenthal, Bill Clinton’s former advisor, venture capitalist John Doerr and author Candace Bushnell. The documents given to TSG include the original passwords of the accounts Guccifer hacked as well as the new passwords.

Guccifer did not discuss how he hacks into these accounts but TSG notes that the hacker has been able to gain access to some accounts by guessing security questions, which includes researching potential targets using Wikipedia and other resources. One of the most common methods used by Guccifer to find new targets is copying a hacked address book, something the hacker did with Brown’s contact list which led to the email addresses of Fellowes, Lorne Michaels, Whoopi Goldberg and Candice Bergen, reports TSG.

Interestingly, some individuals were targeted by Guccifer due to their alleged connections to Bohemian Grove and the Illuminati conspiracy theories. Robert Ballard, an oceanographer who explored the Titanic wreck, was hacked after his email was found in Powell’s contact list. He and Powell are both members of Bohemian Grove’s Mandalay Camp, notes TSG.

Following the Bush leak, which led to the release of several of George W. Bush's paintings, the U.S. Secret Service launched an investigation to track down Guccifer. The hacker also believes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, is searching for him.