Arc System Works has finally decided on the actual title of the upcoming “Guilty Gear” entry coming this 2020. It will be called “Guilty Gear Strive” but its release date is yet to be confirmed. The seventh character joining the roster has also been confirmed to be Faust, the title’s long-time eccentric fighter.

As seen on the official Arc System Works Youtube channel, the latest trailer released during the Arc Revo America 2019 tournament mostly featured the revealed characters again. The six characters confirmed are: Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin.

Near the end of the video, a dark, lanky, paper bag-wearing figure shows up and grabs the camera. Throughout the series’ lifetime, only Faust is known to have that attire. Keeping in line with his medical theme, Faust seems to be wearing a stethoscope and medical scrubs for “Guilty Gear Strive.”

As a character, Faust is known for his unorthodox and silly attacks to fight his opponents — magical doors appearing out of nowhere, littering the fight with various items and attacking foes with a giant scalpel are just a few of his tricks of trade. To many “Guilty Gear” fans, Faust is known to be a difficult character but rewards players with access to silly gimmicks and unique approaches with attacks that no other character can do.

For now, none of Faust’s moves are revealed in the latest trailer featuring him. The next trailer for “Guilty Gear Strive” will be in the upcoming Frosty Faustings 12 on January 2020.  Potentially, the next reveal would feature some of Faust’s moves for this title and the next character to be added to the roster.

So far, Arc System Works has been introducing characters that were present in the previous “Guilty Gear Xrd” series. No news yet for the dual-wielding samurai with a high-tech mask which was shown in the first trailer of the game. Many fans are also hoping to see older “Guilty Gear” characters that weren’t present in the Xrd entries.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what Arc System Works is planning for the fourth main installment of the “Guilty Gear” franchise in terms of characters.