While not yet confirmed for U.S. release, “Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator,” the sequel to the “Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign,” already has plenty of fans excited. During the recent set of beta testing for the game, developer Arc System Works unveiled two new characters, one of whom should be familiar to the “Guilty Gear” fanbase.

The two new characters are Jack-O, a completely new character to the franchise, and Johnny, who has been in several “Guilty Gear” games prior to appearing in “Revelator.” Both characters have only appeared recently, and a handful of Japanese gamers were able to show off some video footage of the characters and their combos, Shoryuken reported.

Siliconera reported Johnny still has a number of his familiar moves from previous games, so veteran “Guilty Gear” players who are used to using the character won’t have trouble using him. However, the character does have a few new moves players will want to master if they truly see Johnny as their prized fighter.

Despite the name, the new character Jack-O is actually a female character and has a ball-and-chain weapon the animators put to good use. When the character moves, she actually gets on top of her ball and moves with it. She also crouches, which can be seen in one of the gameplay videos below.

In what seems like a tradition for “Guilty Gear” character introductions, both characters are victims of the Overdrive and Instant Kill of resident “Guilty Gear” weirdo Faust. The character hits them with his Stimulating Fists of Annihilation, resulting in some comical facial expressions and a win for Faust, the man who puts a paper bag on his head.

“Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator” will be getting an arcade release in Japan sometime this summer. While no news has been given in terms of a Western release, fans should keep in mind “Sign” was released, so it is possible “Revelator” will be as well. 

Johnny and Jack-O Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator gameplay shown off (Credit: YouTube/Keir Armstrong)