A new “Guilty Gear” has been announced at the recent EVO 2019, exciting many fans.

Shortly after Bandai Namco’s time on the stage at EVO 2019, game developer Arc System Works took the stage to announce that a new “Guilty Gear” game is coming soon. The developer showed a brief teaser that revealed just how gorgeous the game will be. See the trailer below:

The trailer shows two of the series’ longtime characters: in-game rivals Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. The two characters look different from their previous appearances: Sol looks bigger and more muscular while Ky ditched his ponytail and looks a lot younger.

Nothing is revealed as to why the two characters look different. It could be that this new title is a sequel to an earlier entry such as “Guilty Gear Xrd” or not. Regardless of plot or storyline, the game looks stunning with its 2.5D fighting style, as well as the animé design the franchise is known for.

Polygon noted that the announcement trailer also hints at one new feature that’s new to the franchise: stage transitions. While there’s a part in the video where Ky kicks Sol off the edge of a platform, breaking some sort of glass barrier behind him and sending him to a lower level, those who watch carefully will notice that the stage looked different depending who’s on the offensive.

A mysterious character also appears towards the end of the 81-second trailer. He looks like a samurai wearing a helmet that looks like a skull with an odd marking on it. Nothing is revealed about the new character.

Better than ever

By watching the trailer, fans will notice that the upcoming game seems to have the best-looking animé-style visuals yet -- even better than the ones featured in earlier entries. Forbes noted that the upcoming game is developed using Unreal Engine 4, the same engine Arc System Works used on the graphically stunning “Dragon Ball FighterZ” and “GranBlue Fantasy: Versus.”

The new game, however, looks like Arc System Works used all that it learned while working on those titles to create a new one that looks far better. As one commenter said on the trailer’s YouTube page, “it looks like the only fighting game that can look better than Guilty Gear......is Guilty Gear.”

The new “Guilty Gear” title is set for release sometime in 2020. Stay tuned for more details.