• "Halo Infinite" was initially planned to launch alongside Xbox Series X
  • The game's release, however, was pushed to a later date
  • "While "Halo Infinite" will feature wildlife, it will not have the Moa birds

"Halo Infinite" was supposedly one of the launch titles of Xbox Series X. However, the negative feedback on the game's reveal trailer prompted devs to push the game's release to a later date outside the next-generation console's launch window. A recent rumor claimed that the said release date would be pushed again but this was immediately quashed.

The rumor apparently came from a fake Twitter account, which Kotaku later picked up. The site eventually realized that the account was fake and released a statement shedding light on the release date of "Halo Infinite." The tweet posted by a fake Chris Lee account reads, “Building upon community feedback, and after exhaustive consultation with our talented and passionate dev team, we have made the difficult decision to delay Halo Infinite until Summer 2022.”

Although the rumor about the delayed release of "Halo Infinite turned out to be not true, 343 Industries has not yet revealed when exactly the game is launching. A few days ago, many fans speculated that the game would be available in November 2021. This stemmed from a recent statement given out by one of the game's voice actors Verlon Roberts during his appearance on the Fadam and Friends podcast.

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Meanwhile, 343 Industries Community Manager John Junyszek earlier confirmed that while there may be plenty of wildlife in the upcoming game, it won't feature the fan-favorite Moa birds. On Twitter, the executive said that Moas are native to the planet Reach. Since "Halo Infinite is set on Xeta Halo, the birds will not be in the game.

Based on "Halo" lore, Moas are made into burgers at various restaurants in Reach. They are real birds that existed in New Zealand but are now extinct. Microsoft became interested in the Moa bird again for marketing purposes.

While the game will feature other wildlife, Microsoft's Joseph Staten emphasized that it is not an RPG. He said that "Halo Infinite's campaign doesn't have a crafting system, however, and you won't spend time hunting and skinning animals to make better gear for Master Chief."