• “Halo Infinite” was rumored to be released in 2022
  • 343 Industries denied the rumor
  • New information claims that “Halo Infinite” would be out in 2021

“Halo Infinite” is in its later stages of development, with 343 Industries more likely to focus on the technical aspects of the upcoming first-person shooter title’s development, according to a reliable industry insider.

While many fans were concerned that the “Halo Infinite” release could be delayed again, new information from industry insider Klobrille seemingly suggests that it won’t be the case. On Twitter, the tipster was asked about the game’s 2021 release window following the leadership reshuffle. The game is “more or less complete” and could be released in 2021, the insider responded.

Sadly, no other details about “Halo Infinite” was shared by the insider. Interestingly, the tipster’s comments seemingly suggest that the game’s delayed release was due to technical problems. If Klobrille’s information is accurate, fans could expect the game to arrive sometime in the first or second quarter of 2021.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite was initially scheduled to be Xbox Series X's launch title. instacodez/flickr

Aside from the recent news about changes in the development team’s leadership, rumors have it that the game’s release could push to 2022. 343 Industries already denied these speculations. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer previously hinted that the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer and campaign could be released separately. However, this is not confirmed yet and the gaming studio has not yet said anything related to the game’s multiplayer and campaign components.

On Oct 28, Bloomberg reported that Chris Lee, project lead of “Halo Infinite,” stepped down from the project. Lee is the third senior development executive to leave the said project in two years. In Aug 2019, Mary Olson replaced Tim Longo for the game’s campaign development.

In July, 343 Industries launched a “Halo Infinite” video that earned fans’ ridicule on social media. Lee later announced that instead of launching alongside the Xbox Series X, “Halo Infinite” would be released in 2021. Microsoft reportedly assigned “Halo” Developer Joe Staten to help develop the game’s single-player campaign, while Microsoft Senior Executive Pierre Hintze was asked to improve its multiplayer component.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the release date of “Halo Infinite.” While the new insider information is exciting, it is wiser to take it with a grain of salt.