Heineken is the latest company to come under fire an ad campaign that celebrates those that have received their COVID vaccine.

In a promotion posted to social media, Heineken’s campaign depicts a group of seniors that are enjoying themselves in a bar, club, and at the beach that runs with the tagline, “The night belongs to the vaccinated. Time to join them.”

In a statement, a Heineken spokesman told Fortune, “ The ad “celebrates a group of vaccinated seniors who are able to safely get back out to enjoy bars and clubs and socialize again – something we’re all looking forward to.”

But Twitter cried foul as anti-vaxxers on the social media site were quick to call for a boycott of the beer for promoting the COVID vaccine.

Some anti-vaxxers took a stance against Heineken support of the COVID vaccine by pouring their stash of the beer down the drain as they said, “Good riddance and cheers to #FreshBeginnings without @Heineken” the same hashtag that the company used in its Twitter post for the ad campaign.

Others that called for a boycott said on Twitter said: “I'll never, ever buy your beer again.”

Another said, “Bye bye Heineken won't be drinking it ever again.”

Still, another anti-vaxxer called the ad, “deranged, disgusting and disturbing vaccine propaganda.”

But not all the reactions on Twitter were negative. One user called the ad from Heineken “brilliant.”

Another vaccine supporter said, “Well done Heineken – we love it.”

And another supporter of the ad said, “Makes me want to drink Heineken even more.”

Heineken is not the only brewing company that has come out in support of the COVID vaccine.

Anheuser-Busch has offered a free beer for everyone in America as part of an effort to get the people vaccinated, and Samuel Adams has also offered to buy a beer for those that are vaccinated. Miller Lite sold special T-shirts with one sleeve to get the COVID shot in, while several states gave away free beer at a local brewery as an incentive to get the vaccine to its residents, including New Jersey and Wisconsin.