The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down multiple income streams due to businesses closing and the many limitations brought about by safety restrictions. As we find new ways to earn, there is always a cloud of uncertainty hovering over us. Thus the need for modern solutions. 

The Problem

Freelance work has reached a new all-time peak. More and more professionals are being open to the freedom that comes with a less rigid work environment. However, there's always the fear of not having a steady income. Some months can be great while some months can be more challenging.

The Solution

Faced with the same problem, a start-up based in Atlanta proposed a solution. In 2017, Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb and Eric Aroesty created a platform that can inspire the modern worker to take a more progressive path in reaching financial stability. They called it Steady, a synonym for stability which is their long-standing goal for all like-minded individuals. 

The creation of Steady was inspired by Roseman’s life story. His 71-year-old father struggled in budgeting his insufficient retirement funds. He was forced to move to Georgia in the hope of taking advantage of the lower cost of living. Despite his attempt, it still wasn’t good enough. He needed to find a part-time job. Roseman decided to help his father by looking for jobs that offered more flexibility. Fortunately, there were so many job options in the area that matched his skill set and passion. This paved the way for his father to live a more comfortable and worry-free life.

Roseman and his father realized that they can extend their help to a much wider scale. Finally launching their app in April 2018, Steady app reviews have shown the impact they’ve made on thousands of people’s lives. Deservingly, they won the Startup Pitch competition at Money 20/20. 

Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic Shaquille O'Neal made $3 million as a rookie with the Orlando Magic. Photo: Getty

Not long after, Steady earned an NBA legend’s vote of confidence as an investor. Shaquille O’Neal’s businesses were always centered around helping others succeed. Like the founders, O’Neal also witnessed his parents struggle financially. He understands the millions of Americans who need to juggle two or three jobs to support their families. Motivated by this and his desire to make a change, O’Neal was quick to jump on board and offer any help he can to Steady

How does the Steady app work?

Steady Providing financial stability Photo:

Steady is a fintech solution for all struggling Americans. The free app serves as a platform for freelancers to find flexible jobs and build a steady flow of income. It narrows down its suggestions based on the user’s location, availability and interests. This is a key feature that allows job seekers to find jobs that perfectly match their needs. 

A walk towards progress, the app guides each user to help them fully understand and manage their income. They have also included opportunities like traditional part-time jobs, benefits, discounts, integrated income trackers and a marketplace. 

The income-tracking feature is a unique addition that helps users track which jobs generate the most income. This enables them to think of a clever strategy for their financial goals. What it does is give a visual of all freelancer earnings in one place. The now knowledgeable workers can compare their income month to month to see which works better -- seasonal work or long-term work. 

The app also has initiatives to help make independent earners feel more secure. Some of their recent additions include providing an improved Universal Basic Income and Unemployment Initiatives to give more stability to workers. No one will feel lost when an emergency comes up with Steady app grants such as their Emergency Cash Grants and cash incentives available exclusively to Steady Members. 

The Takeaway

Freelancing can be daunting, but not with the right opportunities and support. Steady will always find modern ways to help with everyday problems. With an app you can truly depend on, say goodbye to exhausting work that only produces suboptimal results. Work smarter. Work Steady.