• Apple's new iPad Pro is arriving in a few days' time
  • Those who cannot afford the new iPad Pro might not be able to upgrade to it
  • Buying the new Magic Keyboard, however, might be enough for some

Apple's new iPad Pro will start arriving to the doorsteps of those who ordered it online in just a few days' time. But while those who can afford it will be able to enjoy all the improvements and enhancements that Apple has placed on the new device, others, particularly those who can't afford to shell out at least $799, won't be able to.

Still, there's a way for 2018 iPad Pro users to get an improved user experience without having to pay that much. 9To5Mac reported that buying the new Magic Keyboard will do wonders to the nearly two-year old device. Here are a few reasons why getting the new Magic Keyboard accessory will be a good choice for such users:

It's cheaper

First, it's definitely cheaper. The Magic Keyboard costs a pricey $300 (for the 11-inch iPad Pro) or $350 (for the 12.9-inch model), but it's significantly cheaper than when buying the new iPad Pro which costs between $799 (for the 11-inch Wi-Fi only model) and $1,149 (for the 12.9-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular model).

It offers a better typing experience

The new Magic Keyboard can be expected to deliver a better typing experience compared to older iPad Pro keyboards. It is expected to provide the same feel and responsiveness compared to the Magic Keyboard for Apple's desktops and laptops, sans the top row keys including the escape key.

It offers adjustable viewing angles

Apple designed the new Magic Keyboard and Smart Folio to allow iPad Pros to be propped like laptops. Now, users can adjust the viewing angles, which results in better view and more comfort when typing or viewing things on the display.

It doubles as a charging station and stand

Users will also be able to charge their iPad Pros simply by magnetically attaching them to the Magic Keyboard while it is plugged.

It looks good

Lastly, the new Magic Keyboard looks good. Images on the internet show how the accessory will look like when a 2018 iPad Pro is placed on it: the hole for the 2020 iPad Pro camera module might be too big for it, but it doesn't look bad. And the horizontally-oriented Apple logo adds to its beauty too.

Apple iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard
Apple iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard Apple