Hillary Clinton
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in no rush to make an announcement on a 2016 run for president. Reuters

While there is a stampede to declare for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, Democrat and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in no rush. Widely expected to run, Clinton has reportedly pushed back her official announcement to the summer because her advisers see little advantage in announcing soon when there’s no strong opposition on the Democratic side.

“She doesn’t want to feel pressured by the press to do something before she’s ready,” a Clinton adviser told Politico in a story published early Thursday morning. “She’s better off as a noncandidate. Why not wait?”

Clinton first said last year that she would announce a run for president this month. Then her camp said earlier this week that the campaign rollout would be in April. On Thursday, they pushed back the likely announcement to July. The summer month is being considered because it’s the start of the third quarter of the Federal Election Commission’s fiscal calendar, meaning Clinton can report larger donations than if she announced in August or June.

While it may be another six months until Clinton announces a run for president, other possible 2016 contenders are on a faster schedule. Here’s a roundup of potential 2016 candidates and when they say they’ll announce:

Mitt Romney

The 2012 Republican nominee is perhaps the possible candidate closest to making a decision. Former longtime CNN host Larry King said he flew on the same plane with Romney Saturday and that the ex-Massachusetts governor said he would make a decision within the next two weeks:

Jeb Bush

The former Florida governor has taken the most concrete steps toward a run by forming his Right to Rise leadership PAC earlier this month. The PAC lets Bush pay staff and expense travel to early primary states as he weighs whether to run for president.

Marco Rubio

Despite early indications that Rubio wouldn’t run if Bush did -- they both hail from Florida and Bush is one of Rubio’s political mentors -- the Republican senator is seriously considering a campaign and should decide by the spring, according to Bloomberg.

Rand Paul

He’s not an official candidate yet, but the Republican senator from Kentucky is starting to act like one. Paul has been critical of a number of his potential 2016 rivals, lashing out at Rubio’s stance on Cuba and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, over Iran. Paul also has attacked Clinton. He said he’ll make a decision on a presidential run “sometime this spring,” according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Rick Perry

The abuse of power charges against the former Texas governor and 2012 GOP candidate aren’t cramping his style. Perry said Wednesday that he expects to announce four or five months from now. “We’re moving right along as expected,” he told a press conference. “And we'll make a decision, or actually make an announcement -- [that's] a better descriptive term, in the May/June timetable, just like we had intended to before this."

Scott Walker

The Wisconsin governor was one of the stars of the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday and launched a fundraising committee that will prepare him for a 2016 run. While the republican Walker hasn’t given a date for an announcement, he said earlier this month that “any candidate that’s going to be serious, by midyear 2015, has to be in the race.”