• The Kyoshin is a new character for the Samurai faction in "For Honor"
  • They can beat down opponents with quick attacks and powerful counters
  • They are great for fighting multiple opponents at once 

The latest playable Samurai hero in “For Honor” was recently revealed in a trailer, featuring a series of flashy moves and a mystical ronin-esque aesthetic. The Kyoshin are warriors trained at a very young age and molded into masters of the blade through decades of training.

These new samurai are loosely based on General Tozen, one of the enemy boss characters from the Viking campaign of the main game. The Kyoshin specialize in defense, deflecting enemy attacks and countering with unblockable swings and guaranteed light attacks upon scoring successful hits.

“For Honor” team lead game designer Stefan Jewinski gave a rundown of the Kyoshin’s moveset and abilities in an interview with the For Honor Updates YouTube channel, showing off all of the things players can expect when playing as or against this new character in Ubisoft's unique fighting game.


The Kyoshin have basic two-hit-chain combos with their light and heavy attacks. Light attacks have a superior block property, while heavy finishers are always undodgeable. They can follow up any hit with a scabbard thrust that opens enemies up for a guaranteed light hit or any mix-up.

As a defensive character, most of the Kyoshin’s damage potential comes from countering hits with their superior light attacks and their unique Downstance mechanic. Downstance allows the Kyoshin to block all incoming attacks while giving them the opportunity to counter with either side light attacks or a top heavy attack.

Downstance grants the Kyoshin access to two unique moves: Fujin Cuts and Fujin Force.

After hitting any attack, the Kyoshin can perform either of these two moves. Fujin Cuts is a rapid three-hit strike that’s guaranteed, giving the Kyoshin a consistent source of light damage. Meanwhile, Fujin Force is a heavy attack that blocks all incoming hits. Fujin Cuts can be canceled mid-combo into Fujin Force, making the latter a very powerful move in 1vX scenarios.


  • Kagerou (Passive) – All attacks gain a Bleed effect after blocking an attack with a superior light attack, Fujin Force or Downstance
  • Hikarimore (Passive) – Blocking with a superior light attack, Fujin Force or Downstance grants the Kyoshin’s attacks a heal-on-hit effect
  • Hikari To Kage (Active) – Attacks gain Bleed and Heal effects for a short duration
  • Mugen Houyou – Send mystical spikes to impale all nearby enemies, immobilizing them and opening them up for a free attack
Four different Kyoshin featured in the hero reveal trailer for For Honor
Four different Kyoshin featured in the hero reveal trailer for For Honor Ubisoft