Apple iPhone owners already have Web browsers in their smartphones, so why not on their wrists? Nicholas Allegra, aka Comex, brought that idea one step closer to reality from dream on his own Apple Watch.

In a video posted Sunday, Allegra demonstrates his hack, which shows an Apple Watch loading a Google home page in a browser. It’s not perfect: The page doesn’t load images, and there’s no built-in keyboard to input text. But for now it serves as a proof of concept of what can be done beyond the scope of Apple’s restrictions on applications for its smartwatch.

Currently, Apple Watch third-party apps are run through the processing power of a companion iPhone. But native support for apps on the smartwatch is expected this year, according to Apple.

Allegra isn’t the only one poking around the Apple Watch. A photo was posted May 2 of iOS developers -- known as MuscleNerd and StackSmashing -- attempting to jailbreak an Apple Watch. The jailbreak process allows iOS users to run apps and code that would not normally be permitted by Apple.

Developer Karen Tsai was also able to get the Apple Watch app running on a jailbroken iPhone with iOS 8.1.2 installed. But a jailbreak for the smartwatch hasn’t been released to the public at this time.