“Final Fantasy VII Remake” continues to be one of the most awaited titles in role-playing game history. Here’s how to get it for a lower price.

Square Enix will release “Final Fantasy VII Remake” next year, specifically on March 3, 2020. While the date is still far off, players are given the chance to preorder it, giving them piece of mind that finally, a copy of the long-awaited remake of the 1997 classic will be theirs to keep.

The game company, as well as retailers like Amazon, previously listed the game’s standard edition for sale at $59.99. Now, Amazon offers the game’s standard edition at a lower price -- $49.95. PlayStation Lifestyle noted that other retailers like GameStop and Best Buy still sell the game for $59.99, which makes Amazon the best place to buy the title as of the moment.

Previous discount

Amazon previously gave discounts for everyone who will preorder the game’s standard and deluxe editions via its website. The discounts, made available via coupons, slashed $18 off the standard edition’s $59 list price. Those who got the coupons also enjoyed a $24 discount off the deluxe edition’s $79.99 list price.

Various editions

Those who preorder any edition are sure to receive the game once Square Enix releases it on March 3 next year. Players who preorder are sure to get a DLC containing the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia.

Players who preorder the deluxe edition will get a receive a hardback artbook featuring the game’s art, a CD of the game’s soundtrack, a steelbook case featuring Sephiroth, and the Cactuar Summon Materia DLC.

Fans who preorder the $329.99 First Class Edition will get everything the standard and deluxe editions have to offer, and adds a few more items only serious “Final Fantasy” fans and collectors will be willing to spend for.

First of these is a Play Arts Kai figure of protagonist Cloud Strife. He looks very similar to how he looks in the trailers, complete with his signature stoic facial expression, his spiky hair, and his iconic buster sword.

Next is Cloud’s Hardy Daytona bike, which is made with precise detail. It looks true to the original look, complete with its signature sleek lines, quad exhaust pipes, bifurcated rubber back wheel and front wheel bumper. Also, Cloud can be positioned to sit on the bike.

'Final Fantasy VII Remake'
'Final Fantasy VII Remake' standard edition is being sold for $49.95 in Amazon. Square Enix