Over the last few years, as the capabilities of technology have, and continue to evolve, the buzzy hot topic of crypto currency has stolen the spotlight, bridging the gap between tech and finance. With cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and now Dogecoin trending on Twitter and other social media feeds, the world is gradually beginning to accept and understand the concept of crypto currency.

The broader interest in crypto has spawned a new wealth of information which has revealed another piece of the puzzle and goes beyond the idea of currency to examine how crypto actually functions and operates using blockchain technology. Although most people don’t currently think of blockchain as it pertains to crypto, one Canadian company is at the zenith of blockchain technology. One of the first of its kind, tech entrepreneur David Lucatch, founder of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. and their platform Liquid Avatar are revealing the future of blockchain technology and how it will be used as an essential utility to ensure people have access to verifiable credentials across interoperable and digital transaction platforms.

Up until now, the general public has essentially been forced to accept that in order to interact with companies online via websites and apps, users have had to agree to provide plenty of their data and personal information to register, use, make purchases or even just browse with the result being that these businesses have had access to their data. Until recently, governments have been slow to enact laws to protect the personal data of their citizens and to restrict the usage of this data by companies and social media platforms. New laws are now in effect or are quickly coming into effect all over the world to change this and the rights of consumers are now being prioritized. People are beginning to understand that their personal information and data has a value. Liquid Avatar has always believed that the ultimate beneficiary or the monetization of personal data should lie with the individual. With the confluence of blockchain technology and the rules and regulations on data changing, Liquid Avatar is at the precipice of this new movement, giving back the control to consumers, helping them to manage and share what they want, when they want and with whom they want.

While the buzz surrounding cryptocurrency is exciting, it is the blockchain technology that consumers will soon discover as the real power player in the fintech space. Liquid Avatar is building a universal utility that allows users to control and manage all of their personal credentials via one utility application. Using biometrics and blockchain as the foundation for verifiable credentials, Liquid Avatar is a self-sovereign identity platform available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, proving how data and verifying digital identity really is the new gold.

This utility will soon prove its value and significance as society as a whole is at the cusp of new digital vaccine and travel passports. Though currently, the extent of vaccine passports entails QR codes that verify a person’s vaccination, with a utility platform like Liquid Avatar, one’s vaccine passport will soon be able to be verified by biometrics.

By utilizing Liquid Avatar, users have the power to dictate exactly how much of their data a verifying party, website, application and/or transaction has access to. With a completely customizable system in place, their users are now some of the first consumers to step into the future of digital identity. Though the concept of a comprehensive digital wallet may seem like it’s a long way off, Liquid Avatar proves that the future of managing one’s digital identity with verifiable credentials is happening now.