Last week, hundreds of FedEx packages were discovered in a ravine 40 miles northeast of Birmingham, Ala., after a FedEx driver decided to dump them.

Though many people have had shipment problems because of pandemic and supply chain-related delays and shortages, this delay is considered criminal. Police in Blount County initially responded to the scene, which was on private property, reporting over 400 discarded packages.

Authorities have not named the suspect, nor has a motive been revealed. The local sheriff’s office has been posting updates on the case via its Facebook page.

“Investigators have determined that the driver dumped at least six times making FedEx a victim of six different Theft of Property cases. As of right now, we are looking at around 450 individual victims, some in Blount County, some not, that investigators are attempting to work on their case. This will not be an easy or fast case to close,” read a post on Facebook at 9:13 a.m. EST Wednesday.

In a statement to CBS42, FedEx responded "in addition to cooperating with law enforcement, we have reviewed this situation and can confirm that the individual involved is no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground."

Cleanup and recovery efforts are underway with FedEx trucks arriving at the scene last week to collect the packages and try to return them to their proper recipients. Pictures on the Facebook page show the cleanup and recovery effort, including damaged boxes. The investigation is ongoing.