Google Inc. bought music streaming company Songza on Tuesday. Reuteres

Seeking to make Google Play Music a top competitor, Google Inc. bought music streaming service Songza, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Google revealed it will discover how to integrate aspects of Songza into its existing streaming service in the coming months.

Google didn’t reveal how much it paid for Songza, the four-year-old service that created “expert-curated” music playlists to match its listeners’ tastes. But the New York Post had reported earlier that Google offered to pay $15 million for Songza, and the paper said on Tuesday that Google paid $35 million for the company, according to a source.

Songza also has playlists for situations such as "Taking a Sunny Stroll," "Boosting Your Energy" or, appropriately, "Watching Soccer," all for free, and the company said in a post on Tuesday that it didn't plan on altering that service.

“We aren't planning any immediate changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like usual for existing users,” Google said.

The purchase comes after Apple Inc.’s recent purchase of Beats for $3 billion. That deal was seen as an effort by Apple to play a bigger role in the fast-growing online music business, Reuters said.

Though sales of digital music downloads have decreased in the past few months, streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have become increasingly popular with consumers.

Google didn’t reveal how many employees Songza had, but said that Songza would continue to work from its base in New York.

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