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The economic recession around the world in recent times calls for more prudence in the management of one’s finances. Leaving your hard-earned money at the mercy of financial institutions is one risk too big to take. You are better off having control over your money and Nimbus allows you to do that while enjoying many unique investment opportunities through Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is an established fintech company with a reputable team and a track record of delivering blockchain-based financial solutions to 50,000 users. It is set to launch a game-changing DeFi ecosystem in a short while. The system offers users a chance to invest in IPOs, startup financing, crowdfunding, etc. with any crypto sum—an initiative that was not available even in fiat for audiences around the world. In addition to this, Nimbus offers 10 wealth creation strategies on one platform with just one token (NBS) providing access to all of them.

Nimbus operates a decentralized system that provides alternatives for several traditional financial products and services such as loans and investment opportunities such as IPO participation, mitigating their shortcomings and optimizing the upsides through cutting-edge tech.

There is a misconception among people that having their cryptocurrency lie idle is a way of protecting their investments. Little do they know that they miss out on opportunities for income generation by doing that.

Nimbus allows users to use their cryptocurrency for activities that will maximize profits in the following ways:

Control over investment choices

When funds are kept in the care of third-party services, it is their prerogative to use the funds however they please. They could make risky investments at the detriment of the fund owners. Although risks abound in business, all risks should be thoroughly calculated before diving in and no one can calculate a risk better than those directly involved. With Nimbus, users have control over their assets and reserve the sole right to use their funds as they please.

Multiple ways of earning profits

Holding onto your crypto may be a good idea but it gets better when you keep it and still earn profits on it. Nimbus offers easy and transparent investment opportunities to users to earn profits with their crypto in various ways while it is still in their possession.

The New Nimbus dApps and Tokens

Nimbus is determined to establish itself as a leader in DeFi with an upcoming launch of an ecosystem of four dApps and three tokens all managed by DAO for maximum user benefits. It offers 10 earning strategies for users based on real-world use cases, from P2P loans to IPOs and crowdfunding. The soon-to-be-launched products are causing a frenzy in the crypto circles as a result of their rewarding user benefits.

Clear Revenue Generation Mechanisms

Despite the high returns on DeFi projects, many people are wary of engaging in them due to their ambiguity and complexity. However, Nimbus offers a simple and comprehensive method of revenue generation. The Nimbus dApps leverage existing credible traditional financial tools and products that are not available to ordinary people in society. Members of the public are given an opportunity to participate in IPOs and startup financing via convertible notes and startup equity. Nimbus is blazing the trail in blockchain by making those products available to crypto users for the first time with minimal risks.

Eligibility for participation in IPOs

One of the four dApps in the Nimbus IPO Ecosystem is the Nimbus IPO Hub dApp. It avails users of various crypto sums the opportunity to participate in IPOs through liquidity pools.

Participants of the Nimbus DAO carry out a thorough study of the IPOs and vote on them. The important variables of each IPO are made available to users to make an informed individual decision. Users are simply tasked to deposit a certain crypto amount into the IPO and begin to earn a percentage without hidden brokerage fees or registrations.

Eligibility for participation in startup financing

Another unique product among the four Nimbus dApps is the Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp. Any crypto owner on the platform is allowed to participate in startup financing in a highly coordinated environment. It will avail users in different parts of the world an opportunity to access startup equity and convertible notes irrespective of their location or disposable sum. Mechanics such as liquidity pools are in place to minimize risks and enhance profits in the Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp. Funds raised are automatically distributed to startups via smart contracts once stipulated criteria are met in order to curb the misappropriation of funds.

A single token for all dApps

Nimbus is making crypto earnings simple and convenient for its users by giving them access to 10 pools and products in one platform through 2020 to 2021 via the NUS token scheduled to be launched this month, December 2020.

Committed to offering its users the best services available on the market, Nimbus aims to provide additional proprietary and third-party dApps to establish itself as a platform that closes the gaps between digital assets and investment products globally. Achieving this is very possible especially as Nimbus aims to receive the FINRA broker-dealer license, NFA, and SEC licenses within the next year or two. These licenses will enable the company to offer more investment products and asset classes including Pre-IPO Secondary Markets Share Participation—a very rare product today. This will translate to more profit generation opportunities for its users not available anywhere else.

Offering users more opportunities to use Nimbus

Nimbus dApps are not the only innovative products on the Nimbus radar. In a bid to give users a variety of options for generating revenue, Nimbus has rolled out a governance token GNUS and the Nimbus DAO.

GNUS enables users to participate in the direction of the platform and vote on economic, technical, and governance-related topics. Users also get their shares of the Platform revenues. The Nimbus Organization will reserve only 10% of the governance token, creating room for complete decentralization and true co-creation of its future.

The other two products in the Nimbus dApps include the Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp which has 50,000 users on its centralized version and the P2P Lending dApp which offers high flexibility and risk management compared to other lending dApps.

Delivering on its promise

There are questions in some quarters about the ability of Nimbus to deliver on its promise. Nimbus is barely a year old and it already boasts 50,000 users within this short period, a no small feat to achieve. Its international team consists of seasoned experts with a track record of excellence in blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, AI / ML, cybersecurity, finance, etc.

Nimbus' prowess in delivering on its promise is further enhanced as the company has pending audits by leading contract audit firms such as Zokyo and agreements liquidity providers. It is also in the process of getting an EU crowdfunding license.

Launching the Nimbus DeFi Ecosystem is beyond scoring points for the company. It is more about providing members of the blockchain community with a convenient and reliable means of maximizing profits. With its launch just around the corner, this is your chance to grab the opportunity and join other 50,000 users on the platform to enjoy all the exciting benefits that Nimbus offers.