An explosion and smoke are seen after Israeli strikes in Gaza City, Nov. 17, 2012. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

An international human rights nonprofit, in a report released Sunday, accused the Israeli military of attempting to block the collection of crucial information on potentially serious crimes that were committed during the 2014 Gaza war. The Human Rights Watch (HRW) also said Egypt’s imposition of strict travel restrictions on its border with the Gaza strip, combined with the similar steps taken by the Hamas authorities that block almost all travel out of Gaza, have made things more difficult for human rights workers.

The 47-page report titled, “Unwilling or Unable: Israeli Restrictions on Travel to and from Gaza for Human Rights Workers,” said Israeli authorities claim to rely on information from human rights organizations to conduct criminal investigations into the atrocities carried out in Gaza. HRW said it wasn't convinced.

“If Israel wants the ICC prosecutor to take seriously its argument that its criminal investigations are adequate, a good first step would be to allow human rights researchers to bring relevant information to light,” Sari Bashi, the Israel and Palestine advocacy director at the nonprofit, said in a statement, referring to the International Criminal Court.

“Impeding the work of human rights groups raises questions not just about the willingness of Israel’s military authorities to conduct genuine investigations, but also their ability to do so,” Bashi added.

The organization said it received permission to enter Gaza through Israel only once since 2008. As for the Egyptian border, international agencies including HRW and Amnesty International have not been allowed to cross it since 2012.

The report said Israel maintained that its investigations were in accordance with international standards despite the investigators not entering the strip. On the other hand, there have been no records of the Palestinian authorities carrying out investigations into serious crimes committed in or from Gaza, HRW said in the report.

“Israel, Hamas and Egypt should change their policies to protect the vital work of human rights groups seeking to protect Palestinians and Israelis from abuses by the authorities and armed groups,” Bashi said.

Israel has repeatedly accused human rights groups like the HRW of being biased against it and even refused to grant a work permit to a regional director of the nonprofit, the Associated Press reported. However, he was later allowed into the country as a tourist.