Hyundai unveiled a coupe version of its popular Elantra model, adding another version to the budding Elantra lineup. The compact version of the Elantra has been the most successful, but with the coupe version, Hyundai will try to attract young buyers to a sportier look.

Hyundai is pushing the coupe version as a model that combines generous interior space with sleek design. It will also get a 40 mpg highway rating, and Hyundai says it is 11 percent more fuel efficient than the Honda Civic coupe.

Hyundai sales were up 15 percent in January, and the Elantra was a main force behind that. Hyundai sold 10,900 Elantras in January, a more than 1,000 vehicle increase from the previous year.

January was a good month for us as Januarys go. We set an all-time sales record for the month, saw continued stabilization in the general economy, and witnessed the Hyundai Elantra crowned as North American Car of the Year, said Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai Motor America's executive vice president, national sales. All in all, a very solid base to build off in 2012.

Take a look ahead for photos of the Elantra coupe.