For IB - Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon, Arizona, is one of the many locations featured on travel photographer Brendan van Son's Instagram account. Brendan van Son

Want to see the world? Get an Instagram account. The photography social network is home to amazing travelers who post stunning photos sure to inspire your own wanderlust. I've rounded up my favorites here:


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Gary Arndt's Instagram page. Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt sold his house in 2007 and has been traveling the world ever since. He's touched down on every continent, visited 160 countries and territories around the world, and captures virtually every moment on his camera. His photos are so gorgeous, the Society of American Travel Writers voted him the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year.


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Jodi Ettenberg's Instagram page Jodi Ettenberg

This account is sure to make your mouth water. Jodi Ettenberg is a former attorney who, as she puts it, is "eating my way around the world, one country at a time." Her account documents the delicious dishes on her travels.


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Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey's Instagram page Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey

Canadian duo Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey are on the road trip of their lives, and they want you to come along. They BFFs are criss-crossing America in an old camping trailer, while documenting their adventures along the way.


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Kirsten Alana's Instagram page Kirsten Alana

NYC-based travel writer and photographer Kirsten Alana's photos all include a little history lesson or story alongside the arresting images.


Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil's Instagram page. Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil

The dynamic couple Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil say that travel saved their marriage. Today, they've been to all seven continents and believe that "adventure is for everyone." Their photos are saturated with spectacular color, and you won't want to miss them.


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Brendan van Son's Instagram page Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son is a travel writer, photographer and the owner of Vagabondo Magazine. Follow his real-time adventures that include plenty of encounters with stunning scenery and animals, and, of course, the people he meets along the way.


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Murad Osmann's Instagram page Murad Osmann

Photographer and videographer Murad Osmann's photos from around the world more than often include snaps of his journalist girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova, literally leading him by the hand through exotic locales like Brazil, Turkey and Singapore.


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Katja Presnal's Instagram page Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal is a Finnish woman who met her Texan husband in an Irish pub in Germany. They travel so much, their three children were all born in different countries. Together, they discover the world.


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Wonderful_Places Instagram page Wonderful_Places

This account lives up to its name. It doesn't feature just one photographer's work; instead, anyone can tag their photo with the hashtag #wonderful_places, and it could be selected to be featured on the account. The result is a breathtaking collection of colorful images from around the world.


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Sarah Khan's Instagram page Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is a travel writer who left New York City to live in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband -- whom she met on a trip to his country. Now, she posts mini travel guides to her Intagram account with the hashtag #SouthAfriKhanIn[insert destination here]. (Full disclosure: Sarah is a friend.)