Apple Music and iCloud users in the U.S. and other countries received sudden subscription cancellation notices from Apple Wednesday, according to a thread on Reddit and AppleInsider.

The email notices alerted users of subscription discontinuation or told them they could not change their plans. Others described seeing a banner that instructed them to update their payment information. Users in Japan, Brazil and Australia also reported having issues with their accounts.

One user said Apple was working with their engineering department on the issue.

“Seems to be an internal issue, they are working with their Engineering department,” said the user. “My email said it expired today but that's not the case, she said almost every account is still intact.”

On Apple’s support page system status tracker, Apple Music was labeled as having a “Resolved Issue.” Apple said the issues lasted since last night until this morning.

Apple Music subscription issues
Apple Music and iCloud users reported having trouble with their accounts. Apple Support, Screenshot

Other users reported having trouble with their iCloud mail. iCloud Mail and iCloud notes has a “Resolved Issue” label on Apple's system status tracker and said less than one percent of users were affected.

icloud account issue
Apple Music and iCloud users reported having trouble with their accounts. Apple Support page, Screenshot

Before the problem was resolved, some affected users speculated Apple would change its prices for plans.

“Got on with Apple Support, they said it will take 72 hours to review my account, but my payment info is fine, no indication this is a scam,” said one user. “My guess is they're announcing changes to the pricing tiers today or tomorrow.”