The keyboard and applications on an Apple MacBook Pro are shown at the Apple retail store in San Francisco, July 21, 2009. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

On Tuesday, Apple made some changes to its proprietary apps — iMovie, GarageBand and iWork. With these changes, the apps, which were earlier free for only those who had purchased their devices post 2013, are now free for all MacOS and iOS users.

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In case you don’t know about them, iWork is an app suite from Apple designed for businesses and includes Keynote, Numbers and Pages entrepreneur tools while GarageBand is a software that has tutorials for learning to play various musical instruments. iMovie is a simple video editing software that does not have the complicated setups like Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia.

Prior to this development, the iWork app suite cost $19.99 on Mac and $9.99 on iOS, while iMovie and GarageBand cost $14.99 and $4.99, respectively, on Mac and $4.99 each on iOS. While the apps are free, you will need to have compatible Apple hardware to use them, i.e., if your iPhone or Mac is too old (Pre-2010 model), chances are that you might not be able to use the apps.

According to MacRumors, the apps have been made free so that businesses and educational institutions can easily access them.

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On Mac devices, you will need macOS Sierra to run iWork apps while GarageBand will work on Macs running Yosemite OS or higher and iMovie will run on machines having El Capitan OS or higher. On iOS devices, you will need at least iOS 10 to run iWork, iOS 10.2 for GarageBand and iOS 9.3 for iMovie.

Here are the links to download the apps:

MacOS links

iOS links