• An unannounced iMac has been spotted in Geekbench results
  • This iMac has a new Intel chip
  • It also has an unannounced AMD Radeon Pro graphics card

An unannounced iMac featuring a new Intel processor has been spotted in Geekbench results, reports say.

Geekbench results reveal that a new Intel processor is coming soon. Interestingly, the new chip, spotted by Twitter user @_rogame, was found on Geekbench inside an unreleased iMac, Tom's Hardware reported. This indicates that Intel's new SKU could be exclusively made for Apple.

Intel Core i9-10910

Per @_rogame, the new processor is the Intel Core i9-10910. This new SKU is part of the Core i9 family, which means it has the same base specifications as the other SKUs. It has 10 processor cores, 20 threads and 20MB of L3 cache. The new CPU, however, differs from other variants in the Core i9 family in clock speeds.

Based on the Geekbench results, the Core i9-10910 has a base 3.6 GHz clock speed and a 4.7 GHz boost clock speed. These speeds seem to indicate that the Core i9-10910 is, basically, the Core i9-10900, only significantly higher base clocked.

Tom's Hardware noted that the new Core i9-10910 has 28.6% higher base clock speed compared to the Core i9-10900, which has 2.8 GHz base clock speed. The Core i9-10910, however, has a slower boost clock compared to the Core i9-10900, which has a 5.2 GHz boost clock speed.

The outlet also speculated that based on the details presented in the Geekbench results, it's easy to see where the Core i9-10910 sits in the Core i9 family – right between the chipmaker's 125W and 65W processors. This could mean the Core i9-10910 is a 95W processor. 

The report noted that “Intel doesn't have a true Core i9 95W processor in its Comet Lake-S portfolio,” thus this could be the reason why the chipmaker may have created “a special part for Apple.”

AMD Radeon Pro 5300

Aside from having a new CPU, the unannounced iMac also has another new component: an unannounced AMD Radeon Pro 5300 graphics card.

Geekbench results revealed that the Radeon Pro 5300 has 4GB of onboard memory and a maximum clock speed of 1,650 MHz. This new graphics card might be a desktop version of the Radeon Pro 5300M that was announced last year. This means it might also debut with 12Gbps of memory, like the 5300M.

iMac Pictured: An Apple Store customer carries a brand new iMac computer on January 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan