• A leaked iOS 14 build contains an icon of a redesigned iMac
  • The icon shows an iMac with uniform bezels on all sides
  • The icon is unverified, but it corroborates previous leaks about the said device

A leaked iOS 14 build includes an icon that appears to show an iMac with a different design.

According to a Russian concept artist who goes by the name @iFinder on Twitter, the iOS 14 code includes an icon of a redesigned iMac. The icon seems to indicate that the upcoming iMac refresh will feature uniformly-sized bezels on all sides, and although the bezels do not look slim, the device is shown to have a slightly larger screen compared to the older model.

Apple Insider noted that iFinder doesn't have any track record when it comes to acquiring product details from software updates. And although an iOS 14 build has been leaked and has already made its rounds among jailbreaking and security communities for some time now, Apple Insider noted that it cannot verify if the redesigned iMac image is authentic.

Previous reports

That said, while iFinder's leaked image is unverified at the moment, it's worth noting that it is in line with what a Twitter tipster named Sonny Dickson claimed about the refreshed iMac. He said it will sport a new look based on the “iPad Pro design language.”

This iMac, Dickson claimed, will have “Pro Display like bezels.” If this earlier leak is accurate, then iFinder's leaked image might be accurate as well. If Dickson and iFinder's leaks are true, then all iMac fans will have reason to rejoice – Apple last updated the iMac in 2012, but the design improvements focused on making it slimmer. The new design will improve the way it looks from the front.

Dickson also claimed that the the new iMac will also make use of an SSD driven by the company's T2 coprocessor. This storage component replaces the Fusion drive that Apple used on its iMacs and Mac mini models since being introduced in 2012.

The T2 chip, on the other hand, will give the new iMac super fast read and write speeds. It will also offer added security benefits that previous models using harddrives didn't have. Lastly, Dickson claimed that Apple will use an AMD Navi GPU for the new iMac.


It is widely believed that Apple will announce the new iMac during this year's WWDC. A supply chain report from DigiTimes, however, indicated that the new iMac might be released in the second half of the year. That said, fans will do best to wait for official announcements.

iMac Pictured: An Apple Store customer carries a brand new iMac computer on January 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan