Instagram announced a new feature for profiles and Instagram shop owners that will answer a question of many, ‘Is that Black-owned?’

Now, Black-owned businesses can directly add a ‘Black-owned label into their title and bio.

Instagram found that there were over 1.3 million Instagram posts in support of “Black-owned” or “Black-led” businesses and that black-owned Instagram business pages and shops saw an increase of over 50% last year. They have become a symbol of trust.

Stormi Steele, owner of Canvas Beauty Brand, known for her Black hair products saw an extensive increase in her business over the year. She agreed that a problem she would consistently run into was the popular question.

“People still ask, ‘Is this Black-owned?’ I think it’ll get rid of that question and it’ll make our consumer, the woman and the person that we market to, trust us,” Steele told NBC News.

“It helps us to not have to continuously reiterate we're Black-owned because that's the difference between the conversion or not, most of the time, especially to the customer who wants to know that answer.”

Instagram posted the announcement Wednesday on its website, along with a step-by-step tutorial on how to set the feature up.

“To begin, tap on 'Edit Profile,' and select 'Business Diversity Info' where you can learn more about what it means to designate your business as Black-owned. Tap 'Get Started' and you will land on the 'Diversity Info' page. Toggle on the'“Show Black-owned business label' setting, which will enable a 'Black-owned' label on your business profile and product pages.”

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, provided more details about the feature.

“It’s also important that businesses can safely express themselves on Instagram. Business accounts have full access to tools to protect from abuse, spam, inappropriate comments, and offensive language,” the post on Instagram's site read.

Rachel Brooks, a product manager at Instagram who worked on the development of the label, told NBC News, “what we saw is the community really rallied around Black-owned businesses somewhat naturally and organically by using #BuyBlack and all sorts of other ways of amplifying Black-owned businesses.”