Thousands of reports have come in since Monday night that the popular photo-sharing app is crashing for users. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Late on Monday, Instagram users began reporting that the widely popular photo-sharing app was not working for them. In response, makers of the app said on Twitter that the “small number of people” experiencing crashes should reinstall the app to fix the problem.

However, even after Monday crossed into Tuesday, many users were complaining that the suggested solution by the company did not help, and that Instagram was still repeatedly crashing.

Some users also reported issues with the reinstallation itself.

According to one user on reddit, the app works after reinstalling but crashes again when it’s closed. And based on tweets, the bug also seems to have affected all versions of the app, including Android, iOS and Windows.

There are fewer new reports of the app crashing, according to and some users have also said their apps are working after the reinstall. But it seems that many users are still unable to use it. The outage seems to have affected the U.S., Japan, Australia and parts of Southeast Asia.