Instagram has rolled out a new software update to its app that finally adds the video chat feature. The company has also implemented its newly redesigned Explore tab and has added new camera effects designed by celebrities and creators.

“Now, you can video chat in Instagram Direct, either with just one person or a group. Video chat gives you the experience of realtime video in a private space and helps you feel close and connected to friends when you can’t be together,” Instagram said. “our friends are already on Instagram, and with video chat, you can seamlessly connect across iOS and Android and without a phone number.”

Video Chat
Instagram app now comes with video chat feature. Instagram

To start a video chat, users will have to swipe right from the Instagram feed to go to their Direct inbox. Users will have to open an existing thread by tapping on the camera icon located on the upper right corner of the page which will initiate a video chat call. While having an Instagram video chat, users will still be able to continue browsing Instagram by tapping on the minimize icon on the upper left corner of the video chat. While a video chat is minimized, users will be able to scroll through their feed, send message through Direct, post Stories, photos and videos.

“Video chat is perfect for groups. You can video chat with up to four people at a time, and the video will expand as more friends join. If there’s an active video chat in a group thread, the camera icon will turn blue,” The company said. “Simply tap the camera to join in the fun. You can video chat with your friends for as long as you’d like. When you’re ready to leave the video chat, tap the red phone icon at the bottom.”

As always, users will still have control on who is able to initiate a video chat with them. Users can mute a person to stop receiving video chat notifications or simply block them entirely. Video chat notifications can be changed by tapping on the gear icon on the user’s profile page.

Instagram has redesigned its Explore page. Instagram

The Explore page on the Instagram app has also been updated with a cleaner design that’s focused on delivering content that the user is interested in. The top portion of the Explore page still has the search bar, but below that is a tray with personalized channels. One of the channels is “For You,” which includes posts that are tailored to the user’s interests. Below that tray is a list of hashtags on topics that the users can tap to start exploring content. Like before, the new Explore page still has a grid of photos and videos that users will most likely be interested in checking out.

Finally, The new Instagram update adds new camera effects to the Instagram camera. The new camera effects are designed by Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and the NBA. Users will see the new camera effects if they follow any of these accounts. The new camera effects are augmented reality-style like Snapchat’s Lenses, according to The Verge. This means that users will be able to add virtual objects and effects to their photos and videos. If the user isn’t following any of the accounts mentioned above, they will still be able to try them out if they see an effect being used by one of their friends in Instagram Stories.

The update to the Instagram app is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Instagram app update adds new video chat feature. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic