Online TV streaming company Aereo, Inc. will offer its service in Miami, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas by the end of September, the company said on Thursday.

Aereo launched in Boston and Atlanta earlier this summer, though its first and most established market is based in the greater New York city area.

The company streams live TV online, using cloud-based antenna technology. Consumers can pause or rewind shows, or record them for future use.  

Miami is the first stop on the rollout for the company, with launch scheduled for September 2. Chicago follows on September 13, Houston on September 16, and Dallas on September 23.

Aereo is still fighting lawsuits filed by several TV networks over copyright grounds, but it won a major legal victory in April when an appeals court said its service couldn’t be closed by an initial injunction from the networks, CNET reported.

The latest announcement is part of Aereo’s ambitious push to expand this year, with launches scheduled in 22 cities in 2013. That came after the company raised $38 million in early 2013.

The first month of Aereo’s service is free in these cities, with membership costing $8 per month afterwards. Networks covered include CBS, PBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC, with shows available for streaming on devices like tablets and smartphones.