Obama's tan suit was the talk of Twitter Thursday. Reuters

As President Barack Obama got ready to deliver the annual State of the Union speech, netizens seemed more concerned about whether the president would don the infamous tan suit -- possibly the same one he wore back in August when he spoke about the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. The unlikely hashtag #YesWeTan was started by the White House after a picture of a tan suit was posted to the White House.

“President Obama's suiting up for the big speech,” the White House wrote at roughly 8 p.m. EST. They also added a link for how to view the SOTU through live stream and added the infamous hashtag #YesWeTan. The post was liked nearly 4,700 times and drew hundreds of comments.

It seems people were very concerned about his possible fashion choice for the night, expressing that fear in comments. “Oh no!! Not the dreaded tan suit that the right hates,” one person wrote. “He's wearing the tan suit to deliver the State of the Union. He plans to p--- off the Republicans in every way possible. LOL,” another wrote.

While many commenters wrote Obama would wear the tan suit to show defiance toward the GOP, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin remarked the social media stunt was not the best idea. She said it would just conjure up thoughts of Obama on vacation -- that tan would make people think about the president being on the beach rather than wearing a tan suit.

To the dismay of some, Obama did not wear a tan suit at all. The president showed up in a typically dark suit to deliver the address.

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