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Apple introduces iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, San Jose, California, June 5, 2017. Apple

The new Apple Pay improvements, which includes the Apple Pay Cash card, will most likely be released with the iOS 11.1 update, according to MacRumors.

Apple teased the Apple Pay Cash card and the person-to-person payment option back in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple said back then that the features would release with iOS 11, however, the improvements were not rolled out when the update released last month. Apple then said in a press release in September the features would launch in an update to iOS 11. So far there have been three updates to iOS 11, with no sign of the Apple Pay improvements. Now, a recent move suggests Apple will release the new Apple Pay features with iOS 11.1.

Apple corporate employees in the U.S. reportedly began testing the upcoming Apple Pay features earlier this month, and on Friday it expanded the trials to retail employees, according to MacRumors. The employees are testing the features under the iOS 11.1 beta and an additional internal-only beta profile. Apple is encouraging employees to test the payment-to-payment feature amongst themselves, since people can only send money to those who also own Apple products.

The company released the iOS 11.1 beta this week to developers, but did not include the Apple Pay features. Apple said it will launch the update afterwards to everyone. Although Apple did not announce the exact iOS 11.1 release date, the update should be coming to iOS devices soon.

How To Use The New Apple Pay Features

With the new update, users will be able to make person-to-person payments with Apple Pay on iMessage. The Message app will detect when someone tells the user money is owed during a conversation. The device will then show Apple Pay in iMessage as a suggestion where it usually predicts the next word the user should type.

The money the user receives will be transferred to the person’s Apple Pay Cash card. Users can use the funds in the card to send money to others through their device, make purchases in stores or online and transfer funds to their bank account.

Users can also send money with their Apple Watch by going to the Message app to access the Apple Pay option. When tapping on the button, users will be able to enter how much money they want to send by using the Digital Crown or on-screen buttons. Users then confirm the transaction by double clicking the Digital Crown.

The setup process for the Apple Pay Cash feature asks users to verify their name, address and social security number, screenshots obtained by MacRumors show.

The upcoming features mean users won’t have to download other apps, like Venmo and Zelle services, to send money to those who have Apple devices.