The latest iOS 13 update has a new way for users to edit their videos. Adding, filters, cropping, and other effects will be possible and easier to do in the new built-in app for iPhones and iPads. All of these features will be done through the improved Photos app in this update.

Adding Effects

To add effects with the video editor in the Photos app, find the video you want to edit first to get started. The new Photos video editor still allows the user to chop up parts of the video and even mute the video.

For the other usual video editing tools, these can all be found under the Adjust button next to the video. Basic tools such as editing brightness, control, exposure, noise reduction, definition, vibrance, warmth and other visual changing effects can be found there as well.

Each tool comes with a slider which allows the user to change up how high or low they want that effect on the video to go. Moreover, the sliders can also take away that aspect of the video altogether if brought to its edges.

Lastly, video filters are also available within this app.  The button for this is found at the bottom row and users can use ones they like for the video. Overall, the Photos video editor in the iOS 13 update works similarly to most video editors but with Apple’s touch on the app.

Cropping And Changing Aspect Ratio

The last button on the video editor’s toolbar allows the user to crop the video. The Aspect Ratio button can also help out depending on what shape of the footage the user would like to show in their video. Carving out rectangles and squares to frame the video would be possible, as well.

Undo Even Beyond Saving

Once all the editing is done, users can still undo all the edits they’ve made. To do this, go back to the Edit button of your video and then press the Revert button. This would restore your video to its original footage without any damage to its quality.

The Apple’s Photo video editor is a handy app if there are no alternatives available for the user. More apps like this could be revealed this late 2019 as Apple's new services are about to launch.